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The history, people and climate have made Mexico home to some of the most exciting and delicious soft drinks, with many of the origins of these dating back to the Aztecs. Everywhere, from Chiuahua in the north to Chiapas in the south, traditional Mexican soft drinks can be found on the bustling streets and in the lively markets around the clock. 

 ‘Aguas Frescas’ literally translated as ‘fresh waters’ are by far the most common soft drink of Mexico. Ice cold and colourful, they are taken to refresh the palate and compliment the rich, spicy and complex flavours found in their cuisine. The most popular flavours include Flor de Jamaica, Tamarindo and Horchata.

Following recipes and notes scribbled on napkins, picked up from generous vendors across Mexico, Chinampas is bringing these unique soft drinks and flavours to the UK to show there’s more to Mexico than just Tequila!

Chinampas Drinks
Chinampas are the sole Sheffield distributor of delicious Mexican soft drinks
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